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Become A Selling Partner

You can be very successful selling at chubold if

1. You can produce videos regularly, at least 2-3 titles a month;

2. Your videos have variety of chubbies or daddies.
Why? The answer is simple, you won't go very far if you are just planning to sell your own jerk off vids, audience would get bored very quick.
There is an exception. You are talented, you are macho, you've got a firm and stout body, a beercan-like cock and a ballsac of a bull, you are 10 out of 10, you are confident that you can keep your audience arroused and interested for a very long period of time, Sure, why not? you can go solo if you are a man of this rare quality. For most producers, being able to have different men in your videos is the way to go.

3. Your videos have higher production value than average amateurs, meaning that your videos are well-framed, good colour and sharp.

You produce, edit and deliver finished content that fits one of the Chubold genres and you get 60% of the revenue of each sale. It’s as simple as that. You control the copyright and are free to sell your content anywhere else you like and can terminate your relationship with us at any time.

Chubold reserves the right to reject any video that either doesn’t fit with our web site themes or we don’t feel meets our quality standards.

As a selling partner you get the fastest payments of any site on the net, no long waiting periods for payments, you get your commissions monthly, for the previous month within 5 working days of the end of the month(many sites make you wait 45 days or more to get paid). We also provide you with real time tools so you can see your sales online at any time. The only fees are those taken by the online payment service or the cost of the wire transfer.